Pune Traffic Police Adds 80 Bajaj Pulsar Motorcycles to its Fleet


Pune Traffic Police Adds 80 Bajaj Pulsar Motorcycles to its Fleet:-

As per one of the recent reports, the Pune Smart City Development Corporation Limited (PSCDCL) has added a fleet of 80 Bajaj Pulsar 150 motorcycles.


Apart from getting the traffic police colours, the motorcycles are equipped with a host of new features to assist the cops on duty.


All the 80 new motorcycles have been updated in a white colour shade while getting traffic police sirens and more.

The front end of the Bajaj Pulsar traffic police motorcycles has been equipped with a windshield that features a ‘Pune City Traffic Branch’ sticker.


In addition to this, every motorcycle features standard traffic police requirements such as GPS, camera, and jammers.


The left front guard features a megaphone while the traffic police riders can further operate the lighting and sound controls from just below the ignition.The controls also allow the riders to choose the flashing and blinking lights when required while playing sirens of varying tones.

Some of the traffic police motorcycles have been further equipped with a slot for placing the neon-lit baton on the fuel tank.The patrolling officer can further use the speaker function to relay his message to the team without having to stop the patrol. The camera module situated on the front console offers video recording while at the same time offering clearer views of the road.

The custom headlight design gives the motorcycle a sturdy appeal while the red indicator at the left and blue indicator at the right does justice to the police fleet of bikes.The tail light of the motorcycles is larger in comparison to the one on the stock model, specifically designed to ensure visibility.Apart from the cosmetic changes appropriate for patrolling cops, the Bajaj Pulsar 150 remains mechanically unaltered.


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