Grammarly Premium – A Best Way to create Quality Content

Grammarly Premium - A Best Way to create Quality Content

What is Grammarly And Grammarly Premium How to Use this tool

Grammarly is a grammar-based software for the English language. It was built by a company called Grammarly and was first launched on July 1 in 2009. 

This software automatically catches the mistake made in the grammar, that is, in words and correcting it and giving you related spellings.

 Its primary function is to correct potential grammar, spelling, punctuation, word choice, and style mistakes, etc. Grammarly’s Android App website, and also Mozilla and Google Chrome extension.

Which you can use easily. There are many features in Grammarly from basic to advanced.

 If you want, you can use its basic features for absolutely free lifetime. But if you need its advanced features, you can also buy its Premium.

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If you use Google Chrome browser in your computer or laptop, then you can add Grammarly Google Chrome extension to it, it will benefit you that when you open from Google Chrome and type something on a website like: 

You can use someone on Facebook If you are posting a post or status, and if there is any spelling mistake or some kind of grammar error in it, then it will show you immediately and other spelling to correct you. Delling will also suggest.

Account Setup on Grammarly – 

  1. Setup  an Account 
  2.  Login 
  3. How to Purchase Premium Plan
  • How you will  Create Account – 

First, Visit Grammarly Official Site   After Now, you will see login and sign up option, you have to click on it.

  • How user Login their 

When your account has been created, you have to go to the login option and fill in your login information, and you will be logged in.

3. How to Purchase Premium Plan

Before buying a premium plan, we know what is the difference between premium and basic.

What is Grammarly Premium –

When you start using Grammarly account, a few moments after that Grammarly tool sugges you by yourself that you are using the free version of Grammarly,

you have to upgrade it in premium


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